Singing Valentine e-Card

Our Singing Valentine program offers eCards to send to those special people in your life.  When they click on the image, they see a video with a Valentine’s message followed by a a song by the Heart of Florida Chorus that is illustrated with images reflecting your relationship with the recipient.  We offer standard messages and images suited for

To make your Valentine something that will be cherished for year, you may record your own message and/or substitute your own pictures for those in the standard card.

For instance, if you wanted to add your own video message, but keep our standard imagesthis is an example of a message you might send to an adult daughter. 

Sounds good, but you aren’t sure what to say?  Check out our ideas for your personalized Valentine message.

For a completely personalized Valentine, add your own photos as well as a personalized message.  For this valentine to a granddaughter, the senders opted for recorded audio over a photo they sent us.

Another option for full personalization is to include your own video message before illustrating the song with your photos,  In this case the sender included pictures of his sweetie taken over their many years together.

The possibilities are endless, but the resulting Singing Valentine may be more appreciated than any gift you have ever given.  If you purchase one of our personalized options, we will send you a copy of the video after Valentine’s day so this token of your love can be replayed for years.