As a nation we’ve gone from participation in music-making to merely listening.  Barbershop harmonies were a mainstay of this previous active involvement.  Quartets formed on almost every street corner and the sheet music played at home, most likely had a four-part version on the back.  Unfortunately we’ve become accustomed to our passive role, many thinking we don’t even have what it takes to sing. 

Since 2003, the Heart of Florida Chorus has been intent on preserving and inspiring participation in barbershop singing in Central Florida.  We help people understand that this style of music is much more interesting than they thought (see our Barbershop Break).  We encourage singers to feel the gut reaction that accompanies latching on to a really ringing chord.

Join Us at rehearsals and concerts or singing on the risers as a member.  Hire Us to entertain and expose even more people to barbershop harmony.  Help Us spread the joy of our four-part music to young and old alike.  

We invite you to learn more About Us and what it means to be part of the Heart of Florida family.

Join Us

Whether you want to become a member,  take a “test drive”  by singing with us as a guest, or only observe close barbershop harmony as part of an audience, you are welcome to join us at one of our rehearsals.

Hire Us

Is your organization looking for a unique entertainment option?  Consider hiring our chorus.  

Our quartets can serenade your special someone on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or birthday.  When you cannot find that perfect gift, give the gift of song!

Help Us Help Them

Our mission is to use the transformative power of music to enrich the lives of both young and old.  From schools to memory care facilities, we sing so others may grow.

Funds raised through donations and paid performances support this mission.