Meet the 2017 International Champions

Main Street started to sing together as a group in March of 2011.  All four men: Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey, Tony DeRosa and Roger Ross had been or were currently performing at Walt Disney World with the Dapper Dans and/or the Voices of Liberty.

But this was not their first rodeo.  In fact, they had over 100 years of combined experience in barbershop harmony.   Between them, they earned 41 International medals and a place at the top of that category.

As a quartet, they won the 2017 International Competition from among 55 participants from around the globe who survived district and national qualifying contests.  That gave them seven international medals in seven years of existence, which stands as second most in barbershop history.

Since then they have captivated audiences around the world in traditional barbershop venues, film, television, radio and musical theater.

The Citizens of Main Street

Mike McGee – Baritone

  • Began singing barbershop at 13
  • At 18 joined, the Gold Medal winning chorus Masters of Harmony
  • Has won two International Quartet Gold Medals with Metropolis and Main Street
  • Sang with the Disney Dapper Dans
  • Served as Entertainment Manager for Disney Theme Parks

Myron Whittlesey – Bass

  • Became hooked on barbershop at 13 listening to cassette tapes of Keepsake, in which Tony DeRosa was the baritone and Roger Ross the tenor.
  • Earned medals with two collegiate quartets
  • A two-time International finalist with the Rounders
  • Full-time member of the Dapper Dans and Voices of Liberty at EPCOT

Tony DeRosa – Lead

  • Joined the Barbershop Harmony Society at 7 years old
  • First competed on the International stage at 12
  • Sang in four gold medal quartets: Keepsake, Platinum, Max Q and Main Street.  One of two men to accomplish that.
  • Only barbershopper to win a gold medal in his teens, 20s, 30s, and 40s.
  • Music Director for Dapper Dans, Voices of Liberty and Finding Nemo: The Musical
  • Original Music Director and singer with a cappella sensation VOCTAVE
  • Inducted into the Barbershop Hall of Fame.

Roger Ross – Tenor

  • Began singing barbershop at the age of 10
  • Has sung three different voice parts with various quartets 9 times on the International stage
  • Has earned two quartet International Gold Medals with Keepsake and Main Street
  • Was one of the first weekend substitutes for the Dapper Dans and is still doing it 40 years later